Friday, November 21, 2008


I meant to post this yesterday but was in the resume updating department for most of the day. Since I am having to keep the child entertained while writing this forgive me if I ramble a little more than usual. So i am trying to keep my first couple of posts local, so today I thought I would line up TVA (The Tennessee Valley Authority) and the companies they supply in knoxville in my sights. A little history on TVA for those that don't know. TVA is the nation’s largest public power provider and is completely self-financed.  TVA provides power to large industries and 159 power distributors that serve approximately 9 million consumers in seven southeastern states. Those states are Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia. So if you live in one of those states like I do, you do not only receive from TVA but you also take from them also. I mean you take anything they want to do because he who holds the power holds the POWER if you know what I mean. For example here in Knoxville we deal with a little company called KUB that decided during the worst economic time in years they were going to raise rates 3 times for a total of about a 20% increase on your bill. But due to the fact that they are the only place you can get electricity  or gas from they can do what they want and unlike most companies in the U.S. they do not fall under anti-trust laws. Then shortly after they raise their rates we find out they gave their CEO, Tom Kilgor, a $200,000 a year raise. It's time for  americans to stand up and take a stand. Let us see how much these blood sucking leeches make if we the people decided it was time to stop paying. What are they going to do sue all of us, good  luck with no income coming in. Then maybe they would see what it is like to try to survive with no income coming in like so many americans are dealing with nowadays. But guess what America as a society cannot stand together on anything, unlike our founding fathers did. When the british started overcharging for tea what did we do? You guessed it, stopped paying and had a little thing called the Boston Tea Party. But we as americans now just talk about what needs to be  done instead of acting. Now I'm not saying stop paying for everything, I know we need to eat. What I am saying is stop the going out to eat, stop paying your credit  cards, stop paying your mortgage, your utilities, your car payments. Stop going to the movies, stop going to Walmart, Target, and any other store that the CEO makes more in a year than more make in a lifetime. It's time we start supporting ourselves and not the rich company owners that keep getting that way off the poor and middle class of America. Because guess what even in the shape the economy is in right now do you think those CEOs are worried about not being able to pay their bills, no. Do you know why? Because, so they still get their millions, they cut our jobs from us. It is time for us as a whole to stand up and put our foot down. Do not forget how our founding fathers stood up for what they believed in. And I for one do not believe it was for 37.3 million to be at or below poverty while a walmart CEO makes more in a year than all 37.3 million people combined do in a year. I want to start a take a stand movement to let the extremely rich know that we the people control  their fate. If all of us would just grow balls and say I'm not going to take this anymore. Maybe we can make a difference for the generations to come. But we have to band together as 1 and stop paying for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. I really do not believe they can take us all to court and make us pay if they themselves are not making any money. What I do believe is in a couple of months the U.S. Government will be calling uncle and will finally get the point, that we all should have the right to a better life. Not just the few born with a silver spoon in their mouths due to raping the american population. Well I think I have rambled enough for today. If you read this and you believe the same,forward it on, so we can get the message out and take a stand.

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